" A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words "

That’s the old saying, but when it comes to telling your brand’s story and being successful in the ecommerce world this catchphrase is right on the money.

Recent studies discovered that consumers only retained 10% of information from audio  sources; but retained 65% of the information from visual sources.

The top 5 things Photography does for your brand is:

  • Tells Your Story & Connects with Your Target Audience
  • Is your 24/7 salesperson
  • Provide engaging content to turn viewers into consumers
  • Increases website SEO
  • Provides a shareable advertising resource
vegan wraps on cutting board with potato salad in branding food photography by marketing photography heather doughty photography

High quality product and branding images are extremely important in this current reality as people shift their focus from in person to online shopping.   Consumers are also focusing on who the human is behind the “brand”  so content creation is not just about inventory;  it is about all aspects of the business and selected personal items of the business owner.

Outsourcing for creative content is simple and easy even during a pandemic and extremely cost effective as most branding/product packages are customized based on your business needs.

Working alongside business owners to develop unique creative content that tells their story while increasing their presence on social media and providing the foundation for strong websites is one of my passions.


Where Should I Start ?

All branding/marketing collaborations begin with a partnership building, information gathering session.   We will go through what your goals are; review market data and develop a strategic game plan to target specific growth avenues.

Our work sessions can include :

  • Corporate/Team/Professional Headshots
  • Meet the Maker/Behind the Scenes
  • Product Images
  • Creative Content for Product Landing Pages
  • On Site – Workshop, Service Images

I have created a Tips & Tricks Guidebook for clients to help focus our attention into realizing your goals.

Professional Portfolio/Headshot Session begin at $60.00

Packages begin at $ 335.00


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Let's Talk Product Photography !