Hot As Hell Sessions

Body Positive Boudoir 

Hey there beautiful !!    Are you thinking that this might be something you want to try….  but you aren’t really sure ?

So before you say;  I gotta loose 10 lbs or I need a tan or  I need my hair done or I have stretch marks or I have Mom-bod, Nana-bod or or or or …

I want to tell you that these photos aren’t about being sexy ..  (well actually they are but that comes later)..   they are about you LOVING on you !

Because all of those excuses; all of those faults,  all of those reasons why you can’t do this..    well beautiful I need to tell you something:   only YOU see those faults;  only YOU are that hard on yourself; so these session are all about learning to celebrate the awesomely, amazing, beautiful bundle that is YOU.

Something amazing happens when you start to love on you;  you feel more positive;  you empower yourself to try new things (no more excuses or reasons why you can’t);  you have a better attitude and you develop a bit of girl-sass .. and we all need some of that girl-sass in this world.

And take it from me …  you will knock sexy out of the park;  because nothing is sexier than a human that loves the body they are in showing it off just a little.


The sessions are held in the privacy of my studio and are suitable for ages 19+        (bonus warrior points for ages 50 +)

Sessions are 60 minutes in length;  allow for 3 wardrobe changes;  at least 40 images returned fully edited in a secure online gallery

Sessions are based on your comfort level and are completely body positive.

FAQ booklet with tips and tricks provided upon booking.

Do it for him,   do it for her ..  but most importantly do it for  YOU !

Hot as Hell Session : $225.00

Couple Session : $325.00

Hair and Make Up provided at additional cost



Hot As Hell Boudoir Sessions

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