Wedding Collections

Collections start at $800.00

I believe in affordability and quality.   There is no getting around it;  weddings are super expensive.  I believe in giving couples the opportunity to have their moments beautifully captured without breaking the budget.  

What Can You Expect ?

All of my wedding collections include an engagement session;  some include a bridal session or bridal boudoir session.   These sessions are so important because this is where we learn to work together as a team..  you learn what it is like to be in front of the camera having every move documented and I learn what makes you giggle, smile, cry and what you just can't stand !

What is my style?  

Candid and documentary with a dash of beauty posed shots.

   I mean we totally do the traditional "parents" shots; and what is more epic than those just married couple shots?  but I also spend the time capturing the moments of the people around you;  all the emotions; the laughter;  the tears, the bad jokes, all the things that you in all your just married splendor will never remember.  So when the time comes and you plug that USB into your computer your day will unfold before your eyes;  a wonderful celebration story.

I am a hopeless romantic and adore weddings;  so I am always here to bounce ideas off of  or I could quite possibly have a suggestion or two;  I have alot of random wedding knowledge stored in my brain.    Plus don't forget I am also doing this wedding thing too !

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Fill out the form below and  I can email you out a copy of my Wedding Collections booklet;  I also have an online gallery that I can share with you; so be sure to ask in your email cause its by invitation only !

Of course I would LOVE to meet up with you in person and go over all of the collections, answer any questions , hear all about your wedding and show my portfolio.

It is an incredible honour to be chosen to document someone's wedding day and I want to thank you for the opportunity to be considered.

Thank you !

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