Hello !!

I am Heather :)

Thank you taking the time to check out my site.     

Who am I?   Well ...  let's see .. I am the slightly quirky, out of the box photographer on the other side of the camera.  

I am married;  to the greatest guy; we are doing a vow renewal this year .. sooo eeeek !  I get to have wedding fun too !

Mom to 3 adult children and Nana to  the most beautiful little grandbabies.


I love camping with my hubby in the vintage trailer he restored for us;  hiking, skiing, gardening and training my dogs.   Yes;  I am a HUGE animal lover.   I have 2 chinese crested dogs and a Weimaraner.    I also drive a VW beetle we named; Herbie ..  I mean what else right?  lol lol 

Most important:

I love photography;  I love light and I absolutely LOVE  love.   Not just wedding love;  family love, sibling love,  we have only been dating 3 weeks love,  puppy love...    the world is so full of emotional stories to tell.

 I was 5 when my dad gave me my first camera (which I still have).  It is a little box; with the viewfinder on the top of the body and it uses black and white film.  I remember being so enchanted by capturing the moments of light and time that  I took pictures of everything !  An awful lot has changed since then, except for my enchantment of capturing those magical moments.

Storytelling and Light

I adore light.  I use light to draw out the emotion of the story unfolding infront of me.  The soft dawn of a quiet woods, the golden glow of the setting sun, the cold, crispness of a snowy day.  Beautiful, natural light that enhances the special moments of your day.

What Can You Expect ?

I love to be different; to walk the road less traveled.  Authentic moments, surprise kisses, dancing in the rain, running down a beach, family snowball fight;  letting loose and going totally unscripted;  I am a fan !  

I prefer to let my clients show me who they really are (with some minimal posing guidance).  If you are someone who is not afraid to live and love authentically, then I would love to work with you.  

Let's grab a coffee and chat :)