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I am Heather Doughty and I am so pumped that you stopped by. So what can I tell you about me… being totally transparent; I really struggle to talk about myself;  I always feel like I am rambling and oversharing; but here goes …

My friends will tell you that I am a hippie at heart. I do feel a bit of a Janis Joplin soul ( I drive a VW Bug named Herbie), but maybe with a twist of Meryl Streep. I am a wife and partner to the greatest man. We celebrated our 30 year anniversary with a vow renewal at the same venue; on the same day. It was epic and awesome and so absolutely perfect. I am a mom and a grandma. Yes; I am that old, however, my soul feels about 31 and I can still do the same ridiculous and incredibly corny dance moves that I did then. I love animals, any and all animals. I am fur-mom to two Chinese Crested and a Weimaraner.

I am a lover of life. I love every exquisite, magical moment. I value every connection. The bond that connects us to each other fascinates me and drives me to capture it, this is the reason why I am a photographer. I tell that story here.

I believe in that beauty that exists in everyone and can shine if given the chance. I love to laugh;  the world needs more laughter. I love beautiful things that make me cry. I love nature; my husband gave life back to a vintage trailer and we spend time together where there is no cell service, but lots of space to create memories.

As we work together; I will look for your moments, your connections, your stories.  I love people showing who they really are, people who are living life to the fullest and most importantly are fully present in the moments we are together. I believe in giving back the beautiful, precious visual pieces of your story. I believe that each of us has a story to tell and that we should listen to each other’s story.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, if you feel that we just might make a good team, I would love to meet you. Just fill out the form on my Contact page; I cannot wait to chat!

Ooh.. & I included a little slideshow so you can see the pieces of my life too.

Additionally, visit INSPIRE: The Women’s Portrait Project to see some of the work I have been involved in around the community. The mission of INSPIRE is to create a safe space to honour, share and celebrate the stories of women by recognizing the remarkable in the regular.

You can also check out some of my creative photography where I push limits to create beautiful pieces of art, Create Daze.


heather doughty from heather doughty photography slightly smiling
heather doughty Peterborough wedding photographer
heather doughty toronto wedding photographer
heather doughty toronto wedding photographer
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heather doughty Peterborough boudoir photographer
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heather doughty Peterborough photographer
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