Are you thinking that this might be something you want to try, but you aren’t really sure? Before you say;  “I gotta loose 10 lbs” or “I need a tan” or  “I need my hair done” or “I have stretch marks” or “I have a Mom-bod” or or or… I want to tell you that boudoir photography is all about practicing loving yourself while feeling confident and sexy about who you are. All of those “faults” and excuses need to step aside because I need to tell you something that you should already know. Only you see those faults and only you are that hard on yourself. My boudoir photography sessions are all about learning to celebrate the beautiful bundle that is you. Something amazing happens when you start to love on you;  you feel more positive,  you empower yourself to try new things, you have a better attitude, and you develop a bit of girl-sass. We all need some of that girl-sass in this world. Take it from me, you will knock sexy out of the park because nothing is sexier than a someone who is confident in their own skin. Do it for him, her or them, but most importantly do it for YOU!